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antenna news: march 2002

thanks to everyone who helped out & suported fuxa on their recent uk tour. spacerock has never been so much fun! for anyone who missed out on the chance to see randall playing with his spacerock heroes, fuxa are planning a return trip to the uk later in the year & will be recording new material in between dates, under the same line up, with legendary telescopes producer richard formby.

here's an interview with randall nieman & stephen lawrie taken at the leicester show: and a review of a recent antenna night featuring LPdA & fuxa:

antenna will be featured in the next edition of the big issue, due out 22nd march.
& this month see's the release of our fabulous first two albums on the 25th of march:
antenna001 fuxa - the modified mechanics of this device [cd digipack] distributed by shellshock
14 mind expanding masterpieces from spacerock innovators fuxa. ?the modified mechanics of this device? is a collection of music previously available in the US only, & new modified versions of old favourites. including ?sky high?, which was originally released on a split single with stereolab. the album features an updated version of a collaboration with ex spacemen3 member sonic boom [EAR / spectrum], who provides vocals & electronics on the classic suicide track ?girl?, along with 4 new exclusive electronic pieces.

antenna002 los planetos del agua - too many bricks & not enough sea [cd digipack] distributed by shellshock
a smouldering debut album from the john peel endorsed postrockers LPdA. described as 'understated creative minimalists', their sound is based around a central melody or hook & the organic interractions between the instrumentation. the album features contributions from the telescopes, along with members of the dust collectors, unisex & pedro barracha. you can read a review of the album here:


antenna live dates:
28th march - the telescopes, los planetos del agua & pedro barracha - the courtyard. friargate. derby.
10th april - the telescopes - the basement. rock city. nottingham.
11th april - los planetos del agua & jet johnson - the arts cafe. toynbee Hall. commercial St. london
12th april - the telescopes + TBC the jug of ale birmingham
13th april - the telescopes + TBC the jug of ale birmingham

yet another fabulous telescopes fan site has recently come to our attention. you can get there from here:" & the multi lingual among you may appreciate this norwegian website featuring an exclusive recent interview with the telescopes:

the telescopes have contributed a track called 'second darkness' to 'journey's without maps - a tribute to lord of the rings' which is now available on the Fabulous Bearos Records

and a split single with lo casta on the non toxic Jonathon Whiskey label is due out on march the 22nd. more info on this can be found here:

the telescopes third album, 'third wave' is due for release on cool nyc label double agent on may the 14th!!: Double Agent records recording has already begun on the telescopes 4th album, which has been confirmed as antenna003 & is due for release this autumn. as always.. 'expect the unexpected'.

if this message reached you by mistake or you wish to be removed from the antenna mailing list, send an email to pasting 'please remove me' into the subject box.



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