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Unititled (aka Telescopes or High'r 'n' High'r)


Revelations comin' and comin',
Glad it's too late for me to pray

Till the morning sun can save me,
Till the warmth of my sins can't touch me now
And again

A touch whenever bring sometimes...
A touch there never could define...

Oh realisations come to nothing
More than all you've ever heard before

Surrender still abused me,
Universed me, you can't confuse me now
And again

(repeat chorus)

High On Fire

Release your sails, arise, forever, sanctify yourself once more
How it seems and so much clearer, seeing you thru your own eyes...
High On Fire
High On Fire
Higher and Higher
Like an ocean wave we fly, like dragonflies we loose our wings,
Everyday's a sea of wishes, always swimming on the shore...

High On Fire
High On Fire
Higher and Higher

You Set My Soul

For heaven's sake
May come to you
All for goodness sake
Forever disgracin you
I think I'm alive
Well, d'you think it's alright?
I'm seeing it thru
Welcomin to you
You set my soul
You set my soul

Well do y'need some help?
Don't answer this
How can I explain?
How can I reply?
I can't explain
You don't waste any time
Especially mine
You may never be sure
To find a cure for you
You set my soul
You set my soul


Thrown away, returned, became your sunflower
Only growin up to your cloudin eyes
Some kind of welcome in you is like a rush right off my face
I would not climb too far from here

You can feel so sure
Eventually no more
You can't feel much at all
A memory, a spaceship left behind

What a great day for your warm smile
It's a shameful tragic lie
Some kind of happiness is all we need to make ourselves worthwhile
What a great day for your life

(repeat chorus)

The Presence Of Your Grace

Supposin we're all wished right out of space
S'alright, we float on by
But as we fall we bathe
In ultra-violet rays
Suppose it's heaven that we're falling from
Your Grace
Your Grace
We're fallin from the presence of your grace

No reason why we pass we slip away
To grow a fresher taste of sun...
And glide and glide...
In the air is a breeze and the sooner you breathe,
Should this be heaven...
Your Grace
Your Grace
Your Grace
Your Grace
We're fallin from the presence of your grace


It could neverYour Grace
Your Grace
Be true now
Never believin somehow
All your beliefs now
You're believin now
And don't get used to thinkin it's alright
It's alright... (anymore...)
Alright... (anymore...)
It's alright any... more...
In a long while,
You'll hardly complain (maybe)
ohhh... it's all that you can be
And don't expect anything amaaazin
And don't get used to thinkin it's alright...


You are part of the sky, fly away, away, awa,
Don't you need to feel the ground you canno see?
Everywhere in everything is something new to know, to feel
Every part of the sky, beneath, there's angels at your feet

Aaaah-aaaah... and my eyes can't fail my mind...
Flying away...

You are waves on the sea, crashing down and down on me
Don't you need to reach the sky you cannot feel?
Sometimes when, you never smile, you always notice what you feel
Every wave on the sea, I couldn't drown you should I please

(repeat chorus)


Your complaining heart
Beats me too hard
It may take too much more than enough sometimes
I see the stars are somewhere in your smile

I keep trying your pain
I'm sick for your love
I keep trying your pain
I'm sick for your love

What if I said yeah

By the time you come alive, we're comin straight between your eyes
I thought I saw I... swear... I... thought... you tired on me
You stretch my strength, my hopelessness from me...

(repeat chorus)

Ocean Drive

When your tired
illusions shine their rays, they glow inside

Feel them rise
They open up and floatin up they rise

Are you...
Ready now to sleep?
You don't have to close your eyes to dream
You've never lived before
See the light pass thru your eyes
This Ocean Drive

Safe inside
A shell is always safer than it feels
But here we lie
And freedom doesn't seem the same again

(repeat chorus)

Please Tell Mother

You lift and you dive
My oh my... you should not levitate me
You should not waste a sigh for me

You may never catch your breath
And you may breathe less out of me
And may you almost touch the warmth that you provide in me

ahhh-ha... ahhh-ha... ahhh ha...
ahhh-ha... ahhh-ha... ahhh-ha-ah...

Please tell mother this

I'm surfacing to you
It just reminds me of what I'm living for
We move like children think sometimes

And the way it feels today
Will be the way it feels for always
Just like falling backwards to the wind

Please tell mother this

To The Shore

Washed me down
Just slipped a day or so you
Watered me down,
Led all this safety, gently
To my eyes
To my eyes
For the good of my own health
I may go blind
They always see
They always take me
To the shore
To the shore

Just for a while
Is turning into days just like it will
When all awhile
It's turning from surrender
To surprise
Into my eyes
For the good of my own health
I may go blind
They always see
They always
Take me

Wishing to find
When we are drifting to the shore
To the shore
To the shore

All words by Stephen Lawrie

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