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And Let Me Drift Away

...and let me drift away

Time of indifference and
Time just time
Sometimes everything would be fine if
Only for time

Sleeping don't you wake me
Don't you understand
Please just let me float this dream's
The best I've ever had

It's raining down and down
Just let it rain away
Don't bother me with rain
And other miserys

Tomorrow and forever
Let me sleep today
Turn off the winding clock
And let me drift away

I Fall, She Screams

This gun is loaded
Ah hey
Fellate the barrel
Suck bullets crazy
Out on the corner
Nobody hears?
Nobody cares?
(Scream! Scream! Scream!)

And when it hurts, it hurts, it feels,
I fall, she screams,
And when i think, i think, it seems
I fall, she screams
I fall, she screams

To the big big house
To the very small rooms
Ah ha ha ¥ you're living in ruin!
I wanna tell you a story?
I think I'll start again!
You should hear my story?
I think I'll start again!

I fall
She screams
I fall
She screams

Well i can really 'freak' with that!
You really 'zero' me out!
(all dead pretentiousness)
Ah ha! ha!
This Gun Is Loaded
I'm feeling bored
This gun is loaded
Ah ha! ha!

I fall
She Screams
I fall
She Screams

Oil Seed Rape

The open window
Haunts the cradle
Kill the crow
Black eyed demons thru this broken pain of glass
Rush the body
A Øcomin' thru the rye

Crowns of thorns upon your head
Your jesusé hey! hey!
Crowns of thorns upon my head
My jesusé hey! hey!

Turn around
Turn around
Endless fear
Colliding thru the open air

And you can have my
Oil seed rape
As you
Burn in the corn
As you
Float out the window
Oil seed rape
Oil seed rape

Yellow miles of miles on miles
The haunting smell of opium
Gliding on a breath
The cradle's empty and the crow lies dead.


Sick and intervening as she's hiding from the
Shrill and piercing laughter, satisfaction
Guaranteed for all who care to taste
The blade, the blade of slaughtered steel
The blade that wounds upon your naked
Skin and as she breathes her lastingé
Please don't, lay me out in red.

Forest deep and thickening bear witness to
This illing sin, of silence only shattering
To relieve the footsteps in your mall of
Heather stained final breath, you mark is
Made upon youré hallowedé sickness,
Tortured soul of torment, aching sores and
Blistered wasted on your furniture of roses
Please don't, lay me out in red.

And when I'm dead and lingering inside perverted
Memories that scream the taste of violence tastes
Only of the cobwebs spun upon your shell of
Haunting don't forget the eyes of redness spill the
Veins that burst with ecstasy purveying thoughts
Of misery
Please don't lay me out at all!


You twisted whore i love you
You freezing mutilation
Your kiss intoxicates me
Extinct no longer, meanwhile
I am cretaceous help me!
You torture my submission
We are so threadbare

Swollen out of saturation
I wash my face and hands
Your touch unwraps my senses
Delirious, i am faun, yeah!
You perfect dancer baby!
You torment my infliction
We are so everywhere

You stand, i fall to pieces
Sit thru my cruci 'fiction'
All kinds of hell and heaven
You breath's my respiration
If i can live without you
Then i can't live at all
We are so threadbareé

The Perfect Needle

Cerise, release and so much more
With perfect needle, hits the floor
I will be breathing will you?
Velvet warms all over here
Velvet warms all over here
Lay down in painless falling now

And it hurts too much to be where you are
Hurts too much to be where you are
I've got the perfect needle
I've got the perfect needle
For you

Surrender down comes everything
Breathes no more and falls to sleep
Blind and helpless sick and dead

Treasure waits complete and there
With scattered needles everywhere
Thorn at the end of every road
Thorn at the end of every road

There is no floor

Riot sister riot throw down riot sister fall
Come on, nowé nowé riot sister
Girl beneath between and under each and every
ceiling to the floor
I hear her whispering around
I hear her voiceé she calls
down down down
It sucks you in now
There is no floor

Jilted love, she saw me from the window
being by myself, my friend lives on the 14th floor
and i live on the twelfth
Sometimes i hear her up above, he hears her
down below
there is no inbetween floor, it's funny how
things go.
down down down
It sucks you in now There is no floor

Torture of impression leaves it's name upon the
door as a hurricane of innocence
is carved along the walls
riot sister riot throw down riot sister fall
for all intense and purpose
for there is no floor
down down down
It sucks you in now
There is no floor

Anticipating Nowhere

Now is only never
when I thought I heard you screaming
Put a cross upon your forehead
Let it be you own damnation

Everywhere is nowhere
to be somewhere is to try too hard for
everything is nothing
to be something is to die
anticipating nowhere if you try

Distance can be nothing
(if you go inside your head)
instead of trying to be everywhere
anticipating nowhere

Underneath is just above
but down below in never ending
never ending has to stop
but when you stop it lasts forever
anticipating nowhere if you try

Please, Before You Go

I'm on top of a mountain with you
I'm an elevator
I'm a seahorse for you now
Hey hey hey
Before you go, remember me

Creature of my so called cherish
my desire
Exorcist before me, turns away
Before you go, remember me

Forget your tears forget you mind
Forget the dress you wore, hey hey
Forget yourself
But remember me

I'm nothing more than less could be
You're on below me
closed as the eye can see
Before you go, remember me


Don't let me loose it
my hold on me that you keep
in too many situtations
"Such-a-lot-like-that" sensations
Let me breathe i'm choking
How can just you surround me

You're using up my situation
Complications and irritations
don't wanna talk or think about it
insinuations becoming habits
I've got a friend who's just like that
Such a lot like that
everything was different maybe

Oh please, don't you see, so real, for a time
Oh please, leave me, for a while
With suffercation

Sometimes take the time to wonder
If you'll ever pull me under
Don't need you to correct me
Select, erect or redirect me
I saw a film and it helped me over
Now i think i know where you are
Please don't try to burn me out girl
With suffercation

Silent Water

I'm like a stone in water
Drowning, i can't breathe and so tired
Tired of waking up
Tired of breathing
Tired of suffocating
Tired of sleeping
Silent water
Silent water
Silent water
Silent water

You take me to the deep blue sea
Leviathan, in the ocean
You will bury me at the bottom of
deep blue sea

Hey i must be dreaming, said the whisper
I was screaming in your shallow crystal
water will i drown and i am so tired.

Wretch upon a rafter from another strange
disaster, slips below the surface having tried
but he is so tired.


tastes so...

All things ever by Stephen Lawrie
all words and music by Stephen Lawrie
copyright control 1989


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