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Unisex Discography


TV Cowboy
UK 7" (Kooky, Kooky Disc 003)
-:-- TV Cowboy

Recorded by John at Far Heath Studios, Northamptonshire on 15th July 1997. Ltd. to 500 copies. Split single with Good Morning Canada. Cover design by Foz. Cmmes in fold-out sleeve with plastic sleeve.
They Do Feel Strange
US 7" (Double Agent, DA010)
-:-- They Do Feel Strange
-:-- Man About Town
Deadlock EP
US CD (Double Agent, DA012CD)
-:-- Deadlock
-:-- TV Cowboy
-:-- Smash It In, Kick It On
-:-- Airtight
-:-- Deadlock Reprise

US 12" (Double Agent, DA012LP)
-:-- Deadlock
-:-- Deadlock - Agent 15 mix
-:-- Deadlock - Charlie Don't Surf's Cooking On Gas mix
-:-- Deadlock Reprise
Critical Condition
Unisex/Class split 7"
US 7" (Double Agent, DA013)
-:-- Critical Condition

Exclusive to this release. Ltd. to 500 copies. Dan Green Cover.


Stratosphere (2000)
US LP/CD (Double Agent, DA016)
-:-- The Full Force of the Sun
-:-- Calmer Song
-:-- Departure Lounge
-:-- The Anti-Gravity League
-:-- A Second Swell
-:-- Sidekick & Emo
-:-- Midnight in the Stratosphere
-:-- Let the Night Roar
-:-- Autopilot
-:-- In Among the Breakers

Vinyl edition is limited to 500, and comes with a free 18x24 poster.

Compilation appearances

They Do Feel Strange * (2000)
Smash It In Kick It On
Double Agent 2000
US CD (Double Agent, DA2000)
-:-- They Do Feel Strange
-:-- Smash It In Kick It On

* Exclusive to this release
The Full Force of the Sun (Fukkers Gotta Learn Mix) * (2001)
Midnight In The Stratosphere
Take Everything Very Seriously
US CD (Double Agent Records DA2001)
-:-- The Full Force of the Sun (Fukkers Gotta Learn Mix) *
-:-- Midnight In The Stratosphere
* Remixed by Double Agent

Other Work

Unisex wrote the soundtrack to the Shane Meadows film "A Room for Romeo Brass".


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